Thursday, January 1, 2009

Water Color Figure Sketches

One great way to explore the figure is with quick sketches in water color. Listed on Ebay right now are several representations of the technique by Nat Edson.

Notice how Mr. Edson gets at the essential form of the figure with a few quick strokes of color, followed by shadows to make the form appear in space. With a real economy of brushwork there is a convincing rendering of form. This ability to see the form in this almost abstract manner must have contributed to his long uccessful career in Comic Book Illustration.

The seller quotes a couple of biographical sources to note that he was a a comic book and sketch artist, worked in the comic industry for over forty years. His career included work on Edgar Rice Burrough's TARZAN and Disney Comic Books. He also drew for Quality, Lafayette, DC/National and Pines/Standard in the 1940s.

He painted in his leisure time, favorite subject were nudes and portraits.

His TARZAN works include: Tarzan in the Temple of Flames; Tarzan, Valley of Peril; Tarzan and the Sea Serpents; Tarzan and the Apes of Changok.

There is a biography at Another brief biography is at

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The Big Book of Drawing and Painting the Figure at

An ebook Rendering in Water Color about basic watercolor techniques is available at, another ebook Figure Painting in Water Colours demonstrates the technique of various well known British water color artists at the beginning of the twentieth century.

at The author Emily Ball trained at Exeter College of Art, and later at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, and now runs highly successful courses in contemporary painting and drawing, as well as continuing to develop and exhibit her own work as an artist.
Drawing and Painting People: A Fresh Approach

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