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How to Draw People - Harriet "Petey" Weaver

Body Proportions

Harriet "Petey" Weaver published a book titled Cartooning Plus Good Drawing in 1939.

She must also be the same person who was at the time the first woman ranger in the California Division of Parks. She authored a book about the parks, THEM WERE THE DAYS Early Days at Big Basin, Richardson Grove, Seacliff Beach & Big Sur by Harriett "Petey" Weaver, CSPRA's Honorary Ranger 1971. There is a film, FIRELIGHT SONG, being developed about her.

Here is a cartoon by Harriet "Petey" Weaver of the Park Service which shows a view of the Big Basin Redwood Park in California which seems to prove by its style that they are one and the same.

Analysis of Form

Construction of the Head

Facial Expression

Problems of Characterization

Cartooning Plus Good DrawingCartooning Plus Good Drawing at,
Another copy Cartooning plus good drawing,

Her work as a cartoonist is mentioned in Women and the Comics by Trina Robbins and Catherine Yronwode

Other cartoon books include:
Weaver, Harriett E. ["Petey"]. Cartooning Sports. Worcester, MA: Davis Press, 1949.

Other examples of her work:
How to Draw Action
How to Draw Heads

How to draw cartoons at

The Course of Cartooning - By Raye Burns

The All American Art of Cartooning - By Bert Cholet

Amazon cartooning books.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Art of Drawing The Figure - Bill Buchman

Bill Buchman will be giving a one day workshop in Pasadena on the 18th of October at the Learning and Product Expo at the Pasadena Conference Center with a beautiful model.

Bill Buchman sent me a copy of the DVD that he made. He demonstrates a variety of techniques for drawing the figure. He shows how to approach drawings from line, forms, curves, outlines, negative space and includes the use of many media.

He does this by showing a model in a pose, then shows how he draws the model using each of the techniques. The camera looks over his shoulder as he draws and shows occasional closeups.

He has done a lot of drawing and thought about it and he brings all his experience to the DVD. He is currently working on a book.

What you will get out of looking at this DVD is not only an understanding of different approaches to figure drawing but more importantly he demonstrates that drawing the figure is great fun.

Here is the DVD at - The Art of Drawing The Figure: Essential Exercises [Interactive DVD]

Here is a list of the lessons:

1. Quick Stick FIgure Conte.

2. Quick Stick Figure Ink.

3.Ghostly Approach.

4.Ghostly Approach and Contours.

5. Direction.

6. Continuous Line Essense.

7. Flowing Side Stokes with Overlapping Contours.

8. Flowing Intersecting Contours.

9. Flowing Overlapping Contours.

10. Negative Space Gesture.

11. Simplified Abstract Shapes.

12. Simple Abstract Shapes, Semi-reclining Poses.

13. Elliptical Motion.

14. Fast Gesture.

15. Blind (seeing) Contour.

16. Loop De Loop.

17. All Straight Lines.

18. Pen and Wash.

19. Thin Lines, Thick Lines.

20. Thick Brush Line, Big Shapes.

21. Abstract Effect.

22. Continuous Line Gesture.

23. Fluid Overlapping Contours.

24. One Warm, One Cool Color.

25. Mass and Line.

Francine van Hove

There is a rare book by Francine van Hove for sale on Ebay.

Click here to see the book for sale on Ebay.

A 2002 book at Francine Van Hove.

Her website.

Her blog.

A blog post at Evelynej,
Les nus de Francine VAN HOVE.

Another blog post at FemmeFemmeFemme, Archive pour la Catégorie Francine Van Hove 1942-.

Study for Earthly Paradise Decorative Art Poster Print by Francine Van Hove, 16x20

Study for 'Wing-Like Arms' by Francine Van Hove. Size 14.10 inches width by 10.72 inches height. High Quality Art Poster Print

Nadege Resting by Francine Van Hove. Size 15.60 inches width by 8.30 inches height. High Quality Art Poster Print

Study for Karen at Rest by Francine Van Hove. CANVAS with 1 1/2 inch bars. 26.64 inches width by 20.01 inches height. Highest Quality Art Poster Print

Karen with T-Shirt by Francine Van Hove. Size 13.51 inches width by 16.89 inches height. High Quality Art Poster Print
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