Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nicholas Haz Painter and Photographer

Left, Susan Freeman - A Study of the Human Figure Portraying Youth and Beauty by Nicholas Haz, on the right the cover of the magazine it was found in. 

This photograph by Nicholas Haz is from Original Artists and Models, which I found on Ebay. It describes him as  born in Budapest, achieved a reputation as a painter in Munich and later moved to New York where he took up photography, specializing in dancers and actors on Broadway.

This is a link to a more extensive biography at  Broadway Photographs.

He evidently published a book, or prints of dancer in the Grecian manner. 
Grecian Step - the figure on the right looks like Desha Delteil

The Silver Band - A Study from the Greek of Nelly Savage

Lon Cheney and Dancers from Vintage Photography

He published a book titled Image Management, composition for photographers. It's available on Amazon. 

Image Arrangement,: From the Notes of Nicholas Haz, F.P.S.A., F.R.P.S.

1924 Print Silver Band Portrait Nicholas Haz Nelly Savage Hassan Fashion Dance - Original Halftone Print

Friday, April 12, 2013

François Emile Barraud - Figure Paintings

François Emile Barraud (French, 1899- 1934). Barraud was a Swiss painter who was self taught. He died at the young age of 35. Wikipedia article.

Figure Painting In Watercolor

Figure Painting Step by Step

Thursday, April 11, 2013

William Orpen

Nude Young Man

Nude Female Model - Reading on the Seashore - link

Sowing New Seed

Self Portrait with Model - link

Orpen: Mirror to an Age

WILLIAM ORPEN: An Onlooker in France

  The Outline of Art

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Johann Daniel Preissler - Hand Colored Print - Muscles

Johann Daniel Preissler was a painter and engraver born in 1666 in Nuremberg. In 1704 he became the director if the Nürnberger Malerakademie, the first Academy of its kind in Germany. The print shown here is for sale on Ebay.

Johann Daniel Preißler - Gründliche Zeichen kunst für junge Leute another post about a drawing book he published.

How to Draw People - Johann Daniel Preißler

Anatomical Prints by Johann Daniel Preissler

  The Art Student's Guide to the Bones and Muscles of the Human Body: and Lessons on Foreshortening

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rembrandt Studios Figure Models

In the 1920s a Bayonne New Jersey photographer published Rembrandt Photo Studies, a series of studies of the nude for artists. The prints shown here are for sale on Ebay.

These are similar to the contemporaneous work of Albert Arthur Allen, Xan StarkHenry Shaw and Aurora Studios.

Adolphe Armand Braun in his book Hieroglyphic or Greek Method of Life Drawing used similar studies of a dressed and undressed model to provide instruction for artists.


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