Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pierre Bouillon

Mercury and Vulcan, Apollo, Three Graces

These prints from Pierre Bouillon's Musee des Antiques are for sale on Ebay. Also here Ebay.

(J. B. De).—Musée des Antiques, dessiné et gravé par P. Bouillon, peintre, avec des notices explicatives par J. B. de Saint-Victor. In numbers, with 6 plates each. 3 vols. Fol. Paris (1821-27). S.K.

BOUILLON, Pierre, a painter and engraver, was born at Thiviers (Dordogne) in 1776, and studied under Monsiau. Ho carried off the first great prize in painting in 1797. Among other pictures he produced ' Conjugal Piety,' exhibited in 1804; 'Christ K suscitating the Widow's Son' (1819); and 'The Clemency of Ca?sar towards Cinna.' The last two were commissioned in 1817 by the Government, and were placed, the former in the council chamber in the Louvre (whero it still is), and the latter in the palace of St. Cloud. He engrail the plates for the ' Musee des Antiques,' published in three volumes folio. He died in Paris in 1831.

Venus de Capitole, L'Amour et Psyche, Venus Victorieuse, on Ebay.
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