Friday, September 30, 2011

Jeffrey Jones

A drawing by Jeffrey Jones is for sale on Ebay.  Jeffrey Jones was nominated for the Hugo Award for best fan artist in 1967, and for the best professional artist Hugo in 1970, 1971, and 1972. Jones was nominated for the World Fantasy Award for best artist in 1975, and won the award in 1986. Jones was nominated for the Chesley Award in 1999. Wikipedia Article.

Blog about Jeffrey Jones. Another blog with pictures.

Jeffrey Jones: A Life in Art The Art of Jeffrey Jones

  Jeffrey Jones: A Life in Art Signed & Numbered Limited Edition

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Simon Thomassin - Engraver

These prints are from a folio volume of engravings of statues in the gardens and palace of Versailles. The painting is for sale on Ebay.

More images at How to Draw the Male Figure, How to Draw the Female Figure and How to Draw Drapery.


THOMASIN, Simon. This artist is said to have been of the same family as the preceding, born at Troyes in 1638, though Zani places his birth in 1652, and his death in 1732. After learning the rudiments of design at Paris, he went to Rome, and studied in the French Academy in that city. He devoted himself to engraving, and acquired distinction. He was elected a member of the Academy at Paris, and appointed one of the engravers to the king. His plates are executed entirely with the graver, in a neat, clear style, but without much intelligence in the effect of light and shadow. His drawing is generally correct, though somewhat mannered, and his extremities are not marked with that freedom and lightness which distinguish the hand of a great master. His most considerable work is a folio volume of plates, from the statues and other marbles in the palace and gardens of Versailles. He also engraved a number of portraits and other subjects, among which are the following: PORTRAITS. Louis, Duke of Burgundy. 1698. Maria Adelaide of Savoy, Duchess of Burgundy. Paul Beauvillier, Duke of St. Aignou. 1695. Charles XII. of Sweden. Peter Corneille; after leBrun. SUBJECTS AFTER VARIOUS MASTERS. The Miraculous Draught of Pishes; after Raffaelle. The Transfiguration; do. St. Paul taken Up in the third Heaven; after, N. Poussin. Christ praying on the Mount; after le Brun.

Left 'La Melancholie', engraved by Simon Thomasin after Domenico Fetti (Dominique Feti).

Right "Raptus Proserpinae" J.F. Leopold Engraving from Simon Thomassin (ca. 1654- 1733)

Recueil des figures, groupes, thermes, fontaines, vases et autres ornemens tels qu'ils se voyent á present dans le Château et parc de Versailles (French Edition)

Link to an auction of the book.

Link to a print for sale. More prints for sale.

Wikipedia images.

Left Allegorie dei Fiumi

Right Uranie

Recueil des Statues, Groupes, Fontaines, Termes, Vases, et autres magnifiques ornemens du chateau & parc de Versailles. Le tout grave d'apres les originaux. Avec les explications en Francois, Latin, Italien & Hollandois

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Robert Brackman Nude Study

The painting is by Robert Brackman a student of Robert Henri, one of the founders of the Ashcan School.

It was painted during a classroom demonstration which is noted on the reverse.

Wikipedia article.

The painting is for sale on Ebay.

Other Paintings by Robert Brackman:

Life About Me by Robert Brackman

Nude Study, Morning Chores

Study of Two Women, Bathers

Another blog post about Robert Brackman at American Gallery

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Figure Engravings from the Museum Odescalchum

 Apollo and Mars, Cupid, Apollo
 Aurora and Cephalus. Gladiators, Peace
Summer, Fall, Hercules
 Hercules, Spring, Mars

These engravings are from Museum Odescalchum; sive Thesaurus antiquarum Gemmarum . . . quae a Christina Suecorum Reginae collectae in Museo Odescalcho adservantur . . . cum Commentario Nicolai Galeotti. by Niccolo Galeotti / Pietro Santo Bartoli, Rome, Italy, 1751-1752. They illustrate the former gem collection of queen Christina of Sweden, then kept in the collection of the Odescalchi family in Rome. The engravings are engraved by the Perugia, Italy born Pietro Santo Bartoli (1635-1700). He was a student of the French artist Poussin. His nickname was Perugino.

From Museums, their history and their use: By David Murray
Odescalchi (livio), Duke of Bracciano, 1663-1713. 38 Museum Odescalchum; sive Thesaurus antiquarum Gemmarum . . . quae a Christina Suecorum Reginae collectae in Museo Odescalcho adservantur . . . cum Commentario Nicolai Galeotti. fol. 2 vol. Romae, 1751-52. 49 and S3 plates. 43 of the plates had been published in 1702, with Portrait of Odescalchi. After Odescalchi's death the collections of Queen Christina were purchased by Philip V. of Spain (d. 1746), and placed in the Palace of San Ildefonso, from whence they were transferred to Madrid in 1836. Httbner, Antike Bildwerke in Madrid, p. 14, Berlin, 1862. Odessa.

The prints are for sale on Ebay.

New Art Models Book from Maureen Johnson and Douglas Johnson

Art Models 6: The Female Figure in Shadow and Light (Art Models series)

The new book has more dramatic lighting, two primary poses per view and a close up selection of faces. The DVD includes additional faces and close-ups of hands and feet.

Joint Studies Mandy004 from Douglas Johnson on Vimeo.

A simple video in a series showing how the joints move in various directions. Intended for artists studying the figure. We've been thinking about doing this for years. We finally bought an HD camera and got together with Mandy to do some tests. We ended up getting 39 different motions from the neck down to the feet. This one is the shoulder.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Alexandre Thomas Francia - figure drawings

From Wikipedia: Alexandre Thomas Francia was the son of French painter Francois Louis Thomas France. He exhibited in the Paris Salon first in 1835, then traveled to London and to Vienna (where he was awarded a medal at the Expo of 1873 ) then to Antwerp and Brussels. After settling in Belgium, he was appointed Knight of the Order of Leopold for his artistic merits. He signed his work: AFrancia.

The portrait of Alexandre Francia is by Charles Baugniet.

The figure drawings are from a book titled Croquis et Souvenirs by Alex. Francia. The book is for sale on Ebay for a lot of money. It appears to be a very rare book.

A listing of the book appears in Catalogue of a Very Fine Collection of Books, including rare editions of the early printers, works embellished by the great French illustrators, and the best editions of standard authors: the larger portion being the collection of the late Thomas Westwood, esq., of Brussels.
326 FRANCIA (A.) Croquis et Souvenirs; A SketchBook CONTAINING 40 VERY CLEVER ORIGINAL PENCIL SKETCHES (TINTED), CHIEFLY FROM THE NUDE, oblong 8vo. half red morocco gilt, gilt edges, £2. 10s n. d.
Link to some of the paintings Aquarelle, couleurs, papier, pinceaux _ masmoulin s'est jeté à l'eau . Presque tout sur l'aquarelle et les événements artistiques - Francia père & fils – aquarellistes du 19 ème siècle.

Le siècle d'or de l'aquarelle anglaise, 1750-1850

More Copies at
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