Saturday, November 30, 2013

Frauke Lauterbach

Frauke Lauterbach by Hermann Schieberth

Atelier Edith Glogau - Frauke Lauterbach im Badekostüm

Portrait of Frauke Lauterbach by Lazlo Willinger

German actress Frauke Lauterbach is an actress, known for Fortsetzung folgt (1938), Silhouetten (1936) and Der Mann, der nicht nein sagen kann (1938). - IMDb

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Johann Daniel Preissler

Male Proportions

Female Proportions, Studies of the nose, lips and chin
 Studies of a female torso, studies of a male torso

 Males figures

Preissler was a painter and engraver born in 1666 in Nuremberg. He painted mainly portraits and biblical scenes and is now probably best known for his work about life drawing titled, Die durch Theorie erfundene Practic, oder Gründlich-verfasste Reguln (The theory invented by practice, or Multiple-authored Rules). More about him at this post: How to Draw People - Johann Daniel Preissler.

The illustrations here are hand colored and they are for sale on Ebay.

Die Durch Theorie Erfundene Practic, Oder Gründlich Verfasste Reguln, Deren Man Sich Als Einer Anleitung Zu Berühmter Künstlere Zeichen-werken Bestens ... Erster [-vierter] Theil... (German Edition)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

1807 Copper Engravings by Charles Normand

Apollo Sauroctonos, Left  and Eros, Right

David, Left  and Antique Sculpture, Right

Engravings of sculptures by Charles-Pierre-Joseph Normand, French architect, engineer, and engraver (1765-1840) Oxford Reference

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Engravings of Paintings: Adam and Eve by Jean-Jacques le Barbier, Adam and Eve by Carlo Cignani, Adam and Eve by Josepin all in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Prints engraved by Charles Pierre Joseph Normand at

1807 Copper Engraving Apollo Sauroctonos - Original Copper Engraving

1807 Copper Engraving Ancient Greek Statue Paros Greece - Original Copper Engraving

1807 Copper Engraving Eros - Original Copper Engraving

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Margaret Evangeline Wilson

Drawings from the first part of the 20th century. The drawings are for sale on ebay. BBC link to paintings by Margaret Evangeline Wilson


CHRISTIAN LUDWIG GRIEPENKERL Austrian, 1839-1912 Female Nude Seated in Profile to the Left; Subsidiary Studies of her Clothing Signed with Monogram (lower left), Verso inscribed Graphite on Creme Paper, 15.4 x 10 in (39.2 x 25.5 cm) Wikipedia article
The drawing is for sale on ebay.

The Theft of Fire, by Christian Griepenkerl. Prometheus steals fire from Zeus.

Decorative Project attributed to Christian Griepenkerl
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