Monday, January 26, 2009

Figure Drawings by Irving Block - Writer and Designer of Forbidden Planet

These are some interesting figure drawings because they are by Irving Block the author of the story on which Forbidden Planet was based and the creator of Robbie the Robot. He was multi-talented as you can see in this IMDB page. He did special effects and visual effects, was a writer, producer, and production designer.

Before becoming a filmmaker he was a W.P.A. artist, you can see the social-realism influences in these drawings. There is an Oral history interview with Irving Block, 1965 Apr. 16, Archives of American Art, at the Smithsonian Institution website.

His papers are in the Smithsonian Institute. Wikipedia article. Review by Dennis Schwartz. Another web page about the movie.

Irving Block on Ebay.

Forbidden Planet Comic#1 May 1992

Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet (Ultimate Collector's Edition)

Robbie the Robot and Anne Francis.

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