Thursday, April 8, 2010

Learn To draw at home in your spare time - Be an Artist, Enjoy a Pleasant, Profitable Career

I love the optimism and promise of these old ads from the 40s and 50s. They fit right in with the promise of X-ray vision from the ads in the pulp magazines of the time and the promise of flying cars by 2010.

This one for the Washington School of Art reads:

Earn Good Money, Be Your Own Boss, Enjoy Pleasant Work, Own Your Own Home and Car
Learn To Draw at home in your spare time
Be an Artist, Enjoy a Pleasant, Profitable Career
Trained Artists are capable of Earning $65, $80, $100 and more per week
Draw Your Way to Happiness.
Only WSA Offers You This Proven Step-by-Step Method Famous Since 1914.
Commercial Art, Cartooning, Design - All in One Practical Course.
We will prepare you for a pleasant , profitable Art career at home in your spare time as we have done for thousands of others. Our experience proves that anyone interested in Art has some Art ability. We will develop your ability and guide you from the beginning through our interesting, well illustrated modern home study course. No previous Art experience necessary. WSA instructions are clear, complee and fully illustrated - easy to understand. They will prepare you for the many Art positions available to trained Artists in Advertising, Newspapers, Magazines, Department Stores, Art Studios, Television, Printing, Engraving, etc. Remember Success can follow only sound training.

X-ray Vision Ad from the Rembrant Company, Painting by Keith Weesner from an exhibit at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, another link to Keith Weesner's work

Here's another ad from the same school:

Learn Drawing, Cartooning, Lettering at home in your spare time

Be An Artist - Earn extra money - plan your own career

You don't need previous art training. You don't have to travel to a distant school. You don't have to risk a big sum of money. WSA now offers you its famous, complete, and modern home study course in Commercial Art, Designing and Cartooning - the same high calibre instruction that had started thousands on their way to profitable careers in art.


Washington School of Art individual lessons at

Do You Like Art - Draw for Money - Our Simple Method Proves You Can Learn to Draw at Home in Spare Time.
You can learn Commercial Art, Designing, Illustrating, Cartooning, etc...right at home, in spare time. No Previous art training necessary. Soon you will be your own boss - work at homem pick your working houre. Or earn big money as staff artist for advertising agency, newspaper, magazine, dept. store, etc. Earn while you learn. 22 piece art outfit given with your first lesson. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. (School est. 1914)
FREE BOOK, "Art for Pleasure and Profit." Describes our methods. Lists opportunities. Tells what our students say. No Obligation. So mail coupon at once.

and other amazing ads at The Atomic Eye.


Put you Future in Your Own Hands - Be an Artist

Draw for Money - Be an Artist

Other related books:
Sketching People: Life Drawing BasicsFigure Drawing WorkshopLife Drawing: A Journey to Self-Expression

Your Flying Car Awaits: Robot Butlers, Lunar Vacations, and Other Dead-Wrong Predictions of the Twentieth CenturyFlying Cars, Amphibious Vehicles and Other Dual Mode Transports: An Illustrated Worldwide History


  1. i believe my eyes. ;)
    i fancy those old ads as well.

  2. I just love those old ads, I have been collecting them for some time now.
    The x-ray glasses just kill me, have you seen the one for a five foot Polaris Nuclear Submarine? And don't forget the seamonkeys. :)
    The art ones are always especially funny.
    Some of the life drawing ones must of raised some eyebrows back then.
    Thanks for a fun post.

  3. I forgot about the sea monkeys but now I remember. The cardboard submarine (big enough for two kids!) is something else.

  4. You can make money from this stuff??

  5. And cars will fly by the year 2000!


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