Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to Draw Legs and Feet

Two more images from the portfolio of etchings published for the purpose of instruction in the art of Drawing by Robert Sayer, Printmaker and Mapmaker in 18th Century London.

More about his history in the previous post: How to Draw Hands.

The next three pictures are drawings of casts by a 19th Century artist named Edward Oaksmith of New York.

How to Draw Hands an ebook at

Draw Real Hands! (Discover Drawing Series)

Drawing Hands and Feet: Form, Proportions, Gestures and Actions (The Art of Drawing)

Drawing & Painting Hands & Feet

Artistic Costume Designing
Simple clear illustrations characterize this very complete introduction to costume and fashion designing by the founder and Director of Lipson's School of Costume Designing in Los Angeles. The book is designed as a home study book with exercises to work on. It includes sections on how to draw the figure, how to draw hand, feet, legs and how to illustrate costumes and fashions.

Print of the bones of the foot for sale on Ebay Click here to see them for sale on Ebay

Vilppu Drawing Hands and FeetVilppu Drawing Hands and Feet

Also see How to Draw a Foot


  1. Good grief! I think I am a perfectionist but spent a week trying to get a pair of woman's legs and man's legs and feet perfect, in a photoshop painting.
    Sure I got it great so many times but not exactly right. I am determined to get this exactly right without cheating. The rest of the painting is so good! I can't let these legs and feet drag down the picture. I hesitated to look for a site like this but realized my weakness. I am am good amateur and hope to get my best on the web. Thank you. This is perfect.

  2. While many people go into modeling and fashion design with no real experience and certainly no formal experience, those that do seem to fair much better. Modeling and fashion design colleges can help you lay the foundation for what may become a beautiful career.


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