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Engraving of a Skeleton from Outlines Of Anatomy and Physiology

Frederick Hollick published a book titled Outlines of anatomy and Physiology for Popular Use in 1846. This image is from the book.

Here are some notice about the book from The Diseases of Woman, Their Causes and Cure Familiarly Explained By Frederick Hollick


From the Baltimore Republican and Argus. Outlines Of Anatomy.—The celebrated Dr. Hollick has published a work in Philadelphia, entitled " Outlines of Anatomy and Physiology for Popular Use," which brings the study of those important sciences homo to every reader. It is accompanied by an ingeniously arranged plate, which opens by pieces, exhibiting the anatomy of the human structure, with explanations in English, and is thus divested of all technicalities and mysteries by which the ordinary study is shrouded. Dr. Hollick seems determined to do his part in a medical way towards afibrding that knowledge to the people embraced in. the axiom, "Know Thyself."

From the New York Herald.

Outlines Of Anatomy And Physiology, With A DissectIng Plate Of The Human Organization, by Frederick Hollick, M. D. New York, Burgess & Stringer; Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson. We regard this as one of the most valuable works issued in a long time. It is a complete general treatise on anatomy and physiology, and the dissected plate answers the purpose of a model of the human frame. Dr. Hollick is entitled to great credit for his laudable desire to disseminate a knowledge of subjects that are of such vital consequence to all, but which hitherto has been monopolized by the medical profession. We commend it to all as a work of great merit and usefulness.

From the Boston Times.

Outlines Of Anatomy And Physiology For Popular Use, by F. Hollick, M. D.

An excellent work, illustrated by a profusion of plates, views, &c.

Extract from an article in the Phila. Spirit of the Times. Dec. 1345.

" Neuropathy, or the True Principles of the art of healing the Sick," &c. by Frederick Hollick, M. D.

Dr. Hollick may be looked upon as an innovator, and he will doubtless be tabooed by the whole faculty, bat we are convinced that he is a man of probity, as well as of learning and sagacity. * * * Nor do we jest, though to speak of expelling a disorder by Neuropathic means, i. e. by applying the remedy to the Nerves instead of to the Stomach, may seem too absurd to some minds for reality. It is so much easier to laugh at, than to controvert a novel position. Galileo was laughed at, so was Harvey, and so were Fitch and Fulton. Laughing at .Dr. Hollick, therefore, or persecuting him by legal process, for choosing to add to the stock of general intelligence, and refusing to bleed, blister, and purge suffering humanity, when he conscientiously believes that he can produce the same amount of relief by less debilitating, loss disgusting, less injurioas, and less expensive means, is certainly not likely to overthrow his doctrines. It is just as certain to beget him a sympathy, and likely to render them as popular, as in his most sanguine moments his sanguine nature could desire.

From the Patriot, Baltimore. March '24th, 1847.

Outlines Of Anatomy, &c.—Dr. F. Hollick, whose history as the great simplifier of the human anatomy, so well known throughout the country, and whose public Lectures have won. for him so high a reputation, has just published a work which ho designates " Outlines of Anatomy and Physiology for Popular Use." This book contains a very curiously and ingeniously arranged plate, which opens by p'x-ces, so lhat tho different parts of the organs of the human system may be seen in all their variety, all of which are fully explained in English. The second part of this invaluable work gives a general description of these organs and parts of the system under the division of bones, muscles. arteries, veins. &c., &c. This work should fall into the hands of every family, while it is offered for sale here. Dr. Hollick is now at Barnaul's, where he can. be consulted.

From the Republican and Argus, Baltimore. March 23, 1847.

Outlines Of Anatomy And Physiology.—The celebrated Dr. Hollick, the author of this work, which simplifies the important study on which it treats, and exhibits the human system by means of-a well contrived engraving, being now in our city, persons anxious to learn something about their own physical construction would do well to secure the books and at the same time acquire from the author's Lectures the additional knowledge they afford. All who hear his Lectures on this abject, should possess themselves of the " outlines," as the information derived is invaluable in regard to a proper understanding of the subjects discussed. Dr. Hollick has just closed short series, and will resume again on to-morrow evening, at the Franklin Saloon, his subject being, for the first time, " The Parental Instinct." This course is to be delivered only to gentlemen.

You can search for a copy at Use the search terms "Outlines of Anatomy and Physiology for Popular Use ."

Outlines of Anatomy and Physiology for Popular Use at

Hollick was a controversial figure in his day. He was a writer, lecturer and self-described "Medical Man." In 1846 he went on trial for obscenity because of his use a a full scale papier-mache woman, that he would dissect to reveal the origins of life. He was a "Socialist Missionary" on the Lyceum circuit arguing against the exploitation of the working class and issuing a critique of marraige. When interest in that wore off he became an advocate of slavery arging that white workers suffered more under capitalism than black workers did under slavery.

An extensive article describing his career is The trials of Frederick Hollick: obscenity, sex education, and medical democracy in the antebellum United States.

Here is another book of his:

The Origin of Life and Process of Reproduction in Plants and Animals

Hollick's books at

In the Marriage Guide he recommends the use of hashish among other aids.
The Marriage Guide, or Natural History of Generation (Sex, Marriage and Society Series)

The male generative organs in health and disease, from infancy to old age: Being a complete practical treatise on the anatomy and physiology of the male ... system and the process of reproduction

The origin of life and process of reproduction in plants and animals: With the anatomy and physiology of the human generative system, male and female, ... a plain, practical treatise, for popular use

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