Monday, November 17, 2008

How to Sculpt Figures

Modelling - Volume I - A Guide for Teachers and Students

Modelling, by Ed. Lanteri is now available as an ebook. The book has 157 illustrations including 38 photographs of work in progress.  It has clear descriptions of techniques and methods of sculpting which are accompanied by the illustrations.  Lanteri was a professor of sculpture at the Royal College of Art in South Kensington, Great Britain. 

Here is a description from the preface:

"IT would be difficult to overrate the value and excellence of this work. Had such a book been obtainable when I was in the twenties, I would not have rested a moment until I possessed a copy, and when possessed of it, it would have been my constant companion. professor Lanteri has put in very comprehensive language everything that is needful for the young sculptor to know.

"The result of the careful thought and observation of years is here set forth in a manner so clear that it may appear to some readers that after learning Professor Lanteri's book by heart, they will then know how to model. A careful study of this work will show that the author does not hold out any such vain hope.

"The object of this work is to teach the student how to begin. Many things are clearly shown in the illustrations and described in the text that would take some people many years to find out for themselves. The young student is plainly told how to begin, the more advanced student will find many doubts here cleared up, and the feelings, after reading the book, of all who make sculpture their life study, will be those of gratitude. "


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