Thursday, November 27, 2008

French Photographer Caillaud

Intriguing photo by the French Photographer Caillaud showing forced perspective in the human form.  I haven't been able to find out much else. 

Some work was published in PARIS MAGAZINE Revue Mensuelle for 1933 (numbers 17 to 28 inclusive), Moral, Jean; Schall, Caillaud, Brassai, Brandt et al. (photographers).
There is a copy at Use the search terms "PARIS MAGAZINE Revue Mensuelle for 1933," or " Caillaud."  This link is to various years of the Paris Magazine Revue Mensuelle available at A description of the Revue from the bookseller Autolycus: "Description: Sm. weighty folio orig. blue buckram, ruled in gt. on spine with red Mor. label gt. lettered. Pp. 710 ( Jaunuary to December 1933, complete, sometimes tightly trimmed) profusely illustrated throughout with b/w and colour plates, some actual photo plates, numerous drawings and cartoons; illustrated adverts. Fabulously evocative, atmospheric, risquee and "erotic" photos by Moral, Schall, Kertesz, Manasse, Brassai, Perkammen, Bill Brandt and many other fine photographers."

You can search for a copy at Use the search terms "Paris Magazine Revue Mensuelle," or "Caillaud."

Some more work was published in Formes Nues, Paris 1935.
 You can search for a copy at Use the search terms "Formes Nues," or " Albert Roux Mentzel."

Photos by Caillaud on Ebay.
Formes Nues 1935, at

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