Friday, November 28, 2008

How to Draw Human Anatomy

 Life Drawing and Anatomy by Chuck Thorndike, 1940.

He published a bunch of drawing books in the 30s and 40s, characterized by a strong line and simple illustrational style. This one combines his drawings of anatomy with the drawings by other artists of figure drawing to make a good introduction to figure drawing and the essentials of anatomy for the artist.


The Male Skull, Profile
The Skull, Facial Muscles
The Male Skeleton
The Female Skeleton
Muscles of the Body, Front View
Proportions of the Body
Drawing from Life, Male
Drawings from Life, Back Views
The Female Skeleton. Back View
Muscles of the Body, Male BAck View
Muscles of the Body. female Back
Front View Figure, Line Drawing
Drawing from Life. Male Torso
Muscle Chart of the Torso
Memory Sketching from Life
Quick Sketching from Life
Life Drawing of Seated Figure
Life Drawing, Female Front View
Clothing the Nude
Dry Brush Treatment
Suggested Reference Works
Anatomy in Illustration
Anatomy in Sport Drawing
Anatomy of the Hands
Anatomy of the Feet
Supplies and Materials
Reproduction Process
List of Outstanding Art Schools

Paperback combining two other books by Chuck Thorndike: Cartooning, Caricature and Animation Made Easy (Dover Art Instruction), The Secrets of Cartooning - An Instruction Book on Humorous Drawing, and The Art of Cartooning: An Advanced Instruction Book on Humorous Drawings

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A Guide to Better Figure Drawing by Cecile Hardy
Line of Action - Drawing from the Model - Creatively
Clothing the Figure Drawing
The Glamour Girl

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