Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jan de Bisschop - More engravings

Each engraving is from the combined books Paradigmata Graphices Variorum Artificum Voor-beelden der Teken-konst van Verscheyde Meesters and Signorum Veterum Icones published in 1671. The first three pictured show 3 views of the same sculpture.

Engravings by Jan de Bisschop on Ebay.

Jan de Bisschop by Jan Gerrit van Gelder.

Episcopius: Jan de Bisschop (1628-1671) : advocaat en tekenaar by Renske E Jellema (Episcopius: Jan de Bisschop (1628-1671) Lawyer and Draughtsman.)

Biography of Jan de Bisschop at the John Paul Getty Museum website.

This is a description of the book from the website
"Artist book with 51 beautiful large engravings by Jan de Bisschop. Extremely rare. Condition: as nearly always incompete. Please view the beautiful engravings! Many refrences can be found to Jan de Bisschop in art history books and on the internet e.g. from the Paul Getty Museum: Jan de Bisschop 1628-1671 was widely influential in art and art publishing. A lawyer by profession, he set up practice in The Hague around 1652 and later founded a drawing academy there. He mingled with an elite circle of intellectuals that included his friend and fellow amateur draftsman Constantijn Huygens the Younger. In addition to landscapes, de Bisschop made figure studies and drawings after classical sculptures and famous paintings, primarily by Italian artists. His publications, which reproduced antique sculptures and Old Master drawings, were instrumental in disseminating the classical style in Holland. He also designed title pages for books, mostly by classical authors, and published his own compositions. "

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