Monday, June 16, 2008

The Sculptor and Art Student's Guide to The Proportions of the Human Form

I found an 1886 German edition of Atlas Zu Polyclet Oder Von Den Maassen Des Menschen Nach Dem Geschlechte Und Alter By Dr. Johann Gottfried Schadow in an unusual reduced 9 inch by 12 inch size. The original plates published in 1836 were a giant 18 inch x 24 inch size. The Plates I originally scanned from the English Edition were 19 inches by 24 inches, making it necessary to divide them into sections to fit onto an 8.5 x 11 size.

With this new find I was able to make an appendix with the complete plate fitting onto the standard paper size in addition to the photographs and detail scans that I originally used. The 9" x 12" plates were evidently made by a photolithography process from the original large engraved plates. They preserve all of the original detail including the original German notations. The photos and detail scans have the English Typeset notations from the English Edition.

You can compare the newly available plates in the appendix with the photographs in these small reproductions.

If you have already purchased this ebook, you can go back to the download page to get the appendix. Email me if you need the download information again.

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