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Venus Kallipygos

The Venus Kallipygos engraved by Payne. The print is for sale on Ebay.


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Another different print is for sale on Ebay.

From Greek sculpture: selections from Friedrichs' Bausteine, Volumes 1-5 By Karl Friedrichs, Daniel Cady Eaton

A marble statue taken with the Farnese collection from Rome to Naples. The head, neck, and all of the breast above the edge of the garment, are modern. The right hand, the left arm, the left hand with the piece of drapery it holds, and the right leg from the knee down, are also restorations. The restorations were done by Albaccini, on Canova's refusing to place anything of his own on so excellent a masterpiece. The goddess is represented as pulling her garments away from her person with especial intent to conspicuously disclose those parts which her name Kallipygos designates. The left arm pulls the skirt of the garment up over the left shoulder ; the right hand moves the front of the skirt off to the left disclosing all the front of the person with the exception of the outward side of the left leg. The right breast is also bare. The goddess turns her head over her right shoulder as if to direct the glance of the beholder to the part of which she is particularly proud. There was in Syracuse a shrine consecrated to Venus Kallipygos, said to have been erected by two young women of poor but honest parentage who obtained wealthy husbands by a liberal display of those parts of their persons to which this statue calls attention. Both the motive and the story of the statue are repulsive. Still the. difference between Greek and modern methods of thought must be taken into consideration. Moral views were often sacrificed in moments of rosthetic enthusiasm. Handsome men were worshiped after death simply because they had been handsome. Phryne showed herself nude to the Athenian populace as Venus Anadyomene knowing that she would be praised and not blamed for the act.
In spite of the great beauty of the antique parts the statue cannot be referred to the best period of Greek art; for no nude statues of the best periods show such unwomanly shamelessness. The statue is a product of the later Attic school of which the works, though they show great technical excellence, are destitute of moral character.

Greek Sculpture (1-5); Selections From Friedrichs' Bausteine

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Venus Kallipygos

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