Saturday, September 3, 2011

Henri Avelot -1922 Cartoon from La Vie Parisienne

Another humorous cartoon about art and artists from La Vie Parisienne.

This time a lazy artist neglects to prepare for the Autumn Salon. He has an idea. He puts a frame around a window and poses his model outside and hopes his near sighted benefactor will like it. Unfortunately the patron criticizes his choice of models and the insulted model leaps through the window to defend herself.

Here is a mid twentieth century version of the same idea.

The drawing is titled "Un Chef d'Oeuvre - d'Ingeniosite pour le Salon d'aAutumne" which translates as a masterpiece - ingenuity for the salon of Autumn

Some more information about Henri Avelot is at

More art and artists from La Vie Parisienne:

Cubism and Fauvism, and The Artists of the Salon.

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