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Left: Georgia ( Caucasus) - Jew - Persian - Sontral India - Mahratta Deccan - Greek Nauplia - Russian - Pomeranian - Spaniard.

Right: New Guinea - Marquesas - Loondoo Dyak - Carib - Aboriginie - Guarani - New Zealand - Australian - Patagonian.


Left: Coptic Monk - Nubian - Galla - Mandingo - Bambara - Ashantee - Bushwoman - Kafir.

Right: Japanese - Kalmuck - Chinese Mandarin - Esquimo - Tibetan - Samoied - Hungarian - Norwegian - Roumelia.

Images are from the National Encyclopedia, London 1880.

These prints are for sale on Ebay.

Johann Gottfried Schadow published his Groups of Mankind according to their Races and Periods in 1824, followed by his  National Physiognomien  in 1835.

Ape to Apollo: Aesthetics and the Idea of Race in the 18th Centrury (Picturing History Series)
Ape to Apollo: Aesthetics and the Idea of Race in the 18th Centrury (Picturing History Series)

This print by A. Fullarton and Co. is for sale on Ebay.
An original antique steel plate engraved print published by A. Fullarton and Co. London and Edinburgh in the Gazetter of the World (1856). The name and place of publishing is in the bottom margin. In small print just below the print on the left is stated "Drawn by T.C. Dibdin from a Sketch by T. Bacon" and on the right "Engraved by E. Finden."

This print by Blackie and Son published around the middle of the 19th century is for sale on Ebay.

This print by The Popular Encyclopedia, Illustrated By Allan Cunningham C1837 is for sale on Ebay.
20 Faces Man Natural History 1866 Pl Lxxiv The Natural History of Man: Comprising Inquiries Into the Modifying Influence of Physical and Moral Agencies On the Different Tribes of the Human Family 

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