Monday, July 5, 2010

Fifty Figure Drawings - Bridgman Publishers


Charles Cagle, Watkins Institute, Nashville, Tennessee, James B. Gould, pupil of Arthur Woelfe, Mechanics Institute, New York.

This book was published in 1927 by Bridgman Publishers and consisted of a selection of fifty figure drawings that were submitted to a jury, presumably for the purposes of publishing this book.


A. Kitz pupil of Louis F. Bernecker, Mechanics Institute, New York City,  Edwin Kaufman, Cleveland School of Art, pupil of P. B. Travis.

Charles Chappell and Edund C. Gray, pupils of Kimon Nicholaides, Art Student's League, New York

A reprinted edition  and a book by one of the instructors mentioned are available at

Fifty Figure Drawings  The Natural Way to Draw: A Working Plan for Art Study

Original editions are also available
Fifty Figure Drawings, a Selected Group of the Best Figure Drawings Submitted to the Fifty Best Drawing Jury
Fifty Figure Drawings
Fifty Figure Drawings

Bridgman was a prolific publisher of books about figure drawing. These are Dover reprints

Heads, Features and Faces The Human Machine Bridgman's Life Drawing The Book of a Hundred Hands 

Drawing the Draped Figure Drawing the Female Form One Hundred Figure Drawings

One Hundred Figure Drawings

Samples from Drawing the Female Form are at:

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