Monday, May 10, 2010

Johann Georg Heck - More Antique Sculptures

Fig. 1 . Phidias's statue of Pallas in the Parthenon in Athens 2. The Medicean Venus 3. The Venus of Melos 4. The Venus of the Dresden Museum 5. The Venus Victrix from Capua 6. The Capitoline Venus 7. Diana the Huntress in Paris 8. Statue of Sallustia Barbara Urbana with Eros, in Rome 9. Statue of Julia Soatmis in Rome 10. Sleep as a boy, in Dresden.

Figure 1. Hercules's combat with Antatus 2. Aphrodite and Ares (Venus and Mars) 3. The reclining Hermaphrodite 4. Pallas, in the Villa Albani 5. Pallas with the serpent 6. The Farnese Flora 7. The wounded Amazon of Ctesilaus S. The dancing Hours 9. Fragment of the frieze of the Parthenon 10. Fragment from the Capitoline Museum 11. Bas-relief from a tripod-stand in Dresden 12-17. Grecian portrait-busts 18-20. Grecian animal heads 21. The Gonzaga cameo 22-26. Grecian coins

Figure 1, 2. The Farnese Hercules 3. The Torso Belvedere 4. The Borghese Gladiator 5. The Dying Gladiator 6. The Pallas from Velletri 7. Cupid and Psyche 8. Venus crouching in the bath 9. Statue of Adonis 10. Statue of Dionysus, in Paris 11. Statue of Bacchus, in Dresden 12. Statue of Cincinnatus in Paris 13. Boy extracting a thorn from his foot, in Rome

Figure 1. Statue of Antinous of Belvedere 2. The Apollo of Belvedere 3. Statue of a Faun 4. Statue of Germanicus, from the 15th century; it belongs to the period of the revival of art, but the sculptor is not known. It is preserved in the Louvre in Paris 5. Hercules with the boy Telephus on his arm, in Rome 6. Boy wrestling with a goose 7. Laocoon, in the Vatican 8. Statue of Meleager, in Rome

More engravings from the Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science, Literature, and Art By Johann Georg Heck. The German title is Bilder Atlas zum Conversations-Lexikon Ikonographische Encyclopadie der Wissenschaften und Kunste

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