Friday, May 7, 2010

A Guide to Better Figure Drawing by Cecile Hardy

A Guide to Better Figure Drawing by Cecile Hardy

Line of Action - Drawing from the Model - Creatively
Clothing the Figure Drawing
The Glamour Girl

From the introduction:
This informal book on figure drawing shows you as simply as possible things I have learned about drawing the female figure. The matters that I discuss are those which I consider most important. It is a book of practical suggestions to help you draw attractive, live-looking figures.

I just talked to  the daughter of the author of this book. The author has a story to tell and we hope to be able to tell it in a revised edition of the book.

She had a natural talent for drawing and wrote the book when she was just 20 years old. She continued to make art and produce portraits during her entire career.

Cecile Hardy was her pen name. .

Among books Cecily Hardy
 illustrated was Six Talks on Jung's Psychology by Robert A. Clark.

You can learn more about A Guide to Better Figure Drawing at Now that I know the author all the proceeds from the e-book will go to her.

What's in this book...
Changing an awkward pose into a graceful one.
Two kinds of action figures.
Variety: Line of Action
Examples of line action.
Drawing from the model-creatively.
Exaggerate for effect.
Think before you draw.
Reclining figure
simplicity in shading sketches.
The glamour girl-clothes make the pin-up, proportions.
The glamour girl-costumes, props.
The glamour girl - high heels.
Clothing the figure, drawing-lighting.
Make quick clothed sketches.
Walking poses.
Make a picture from a figure sketch.
Materials: transparency. Use snapshots for backdrops in pictures.

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