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How to Draw People - Harriet "Petey" Weaver

Body Proportions

Harriet "Petey" Weaver published a book titled Cartooning Plus Good Drawing in 1939.

She must also be the same person who was at the time the first woman ranger in the California Division of Parks. She authored a book about the parks, THEM WERE THE DAYS Early Days at Big Basin, Richardson Grove, Seacliff Beach & Big Sur by Harriett "Petey" Weaver, CSPRA's Honorary Ranger 1971. There is a film, FIRELIGHT SONG, being developed about her.

Here is a cartoon by Harriet "Petey" Weaver of the Park Service which shows a view of the Big Basin Redwood Park in California which seems to prove by its style that they are one and the same.

Analysis of Form

Construction of the Head

Facial Expression

Problems of Characterization

Cartooning Plus Good DrawingCartooning Plus Good Drawing at,
Another copy Cartooning plus good drawing,

Her work as a cartoonist is mentioned in Women and the Comics by Trina Robbins and Catherine Yronwode

Other cartoon books include:
Weaver, Harriett E. ["Petey"]. Cartooning Sports. Worcester, MA: Davis Press, 1949.

Other examples of her work:
How to Draw Action
How to Draw Heads

How to draw cartoons at

The Course of Cartooning - By Raye Burns

The All American Art of Cartooning - By Bert Cholet

Amazon cartooning books.

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