Monday, September 7, 2009

Chuck Thorndike - How to Draw

How to draw the head.

Female head smaller than male - note larger eyes and hair treatment.

Three Quarters View. Head is slightly wider than in chart on right.

Front View. Note egg-shaped and evenly balance features.

Side View. Head here is about square - but features remain in same position.

3/4 Foreshortened. Note retention of egg-shape and curve of guide lines.

Back View. Note top of neck and position of ears.

Three-Quarters Back. Same width as three-quarters front (note ear location).

More diagrams about how to draw heads.

How to draw expressions.

as contrasted from ... Terror.
"Love Sick"
As Contrasted from ... Anger.
Listening to a funny story.

More diagrams about how to draw expression.

Chuck Thorndike was a prominent cartoonist from th 1930s to the 1960s. He wrote a bunch of how to books and illustrated others.

Life Drawing and Anatomy By Chuck Thorndike and e-book at

Cartooning, Caricature and Animation Made Easy (Dover Art Instruction)

Turn your humor into money; how to create humor that sells! By Sidney K. Margolis, illustrations by Chuck Thorndike

The Art of Cartooning : An Advanced Instruction Book on Humorous Drawings, Covering : Caricature, Anatomy, Animated Cartoons, Etc.

Seeing America the easy way;: How to see the most for your money and make money while seeing it!

The business of cartooning,

How to Copy Famous Pictures

Another post about Chuck Thorndike.


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