Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shepard Fairey Poster for Download

Here's an update: Shepard Fairey's original art for the poster is now in Washington's National Gallery. News story from The Independent.

Info on the inaugural poster: ObeyGiant.com. Also T-shirts, buttons, you name it. at theonline store and at The Presidential Inaugural website.

You can now download Sheppard Fairey's Obama Poster at his site: http://obeygiant.com/. Or click on the small picture for a bigger version.

While you are there check out the Darfur benefit posters: Hope for Darfur Print Set

While you are thinking about it Register to Vote.

His web site tag line is "Propaganda Engineering," anyone doubting the power of images to influence for change should pay a visit.

His work is reminiscent both of the powerful posters produced in this country to promote public involvement in World War II and Soviet style posters.

Here is a blog about social action posters: osocio.org.

Wired has a blog entry about Sheppard Fairey: 'Obey' Street Artist Churns Out 'Hope' for Obama on the occasion of his San Francisco show, probably why new posters were showing up around town. He has a book out now too, E Pluribus Venom.

The image is everywhere during this presidential campaign. There are a few interesting sites to check out one at Flickr - Obama Street Art which has 254 members and 877 images uploaded to date- update January 17, 2009 398 members, 1552 images - and a scholarly investigation of the proliferation of Obama images at SemiObama.

Link to a story about the controversy about the use of the AP image. Art turns ugly in squabble over 'Hope'

Want to donate to the campaign?

Design for Obama website.

ObamaBats: A collection of 24 high-quality dingbats featuring Barack Obama and various design elements! This collection is completely free for download, upload, distribution, use and modification. Use these dingbats to start creating your own Obama paraphernalia today!

A typographic look back at the entire election cycle.

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