Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gautier d'Agoty's Anatomical Atlas

From a time when artists made great contributions to the understanding of human anatomy, a few more images and from Gautier d'Agoty's Anatomical Atlas and some links to further illustrations.

According to notes on the page by the Wellcome Library this was a family of artists who produced anatomical prints and paintings. The patriarch was Jacques-Fabien Gautier d'Agoty, born in 1717 and died around 1785. The prints are the most well known works of art both for their anatomical reference and for the manner in which they pushed the development of a color printing process similar to  mezzotint printing developed by Jakob Christoffel Le Blon.

He worked with the anatomists Pierre Tarin and Joseph-Guichard Duverney and had the help of his son Arnauld-Eloi Gautier d'Agoty in making the prints.
Links to other information:
Two of twelve anatomical paintings - Wellcome Library, London, U.K. He made 12 anatomical paintings which resemble but do not duplicate the images from the prints.
Rachael Kavita's blog about anatomy in art.
History and Bibliography of Anatomic Illustration in its Relation to Anatomic Science and the Graphic Arts. Ludwig Choulant.
The Creation of Color in Eighteenth Century Europe. Chapter about Jacques-Fabien Gautier, or Gautier d'Agoty.


Art Experts Website
Links to 30 websites about the history of anatomical knowledge  Intute: health and life sciences.
National Institute of Health Historical Anatomies of the Web.
Anatomie Des Parties De La Génération De L'homme Et De La Femme, Représentées Avec Leurs Couleurs Naturelles, Selon Le Nouvel Art, Jointe À ... Et Les Accouchements (French Edition)


  1. hello, i love this from brasil, can you tell me if there is any book of gautier work?

    1. I put a link to a reprint above at the bottom of the blog post. What I don;t know is whether there are any illustrations in this reprint. I put another link to pages from the US National Institute of Health which does show illustrations.


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