Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bartolomeo Pinelli's Engravings of Dante's Inferno, Paradisio, and Purgatorio

There is a complete 3 volume set of of Bartolomeo Pinelli's Engravings of Dante's Inferno, Paradisio, and Purgatorio published in 1826 for sale on Ebay.

He was an unusually prolific artist, printmaker, painter, sculptor and draughtsman, issuing works on Italian costume, and contemporary and ancient Roman people, customs and monuments. 

He learned sculpture from his father and his works generally emphasized naturalness over the prevailing neo-clasical style of the time.

He studied at Accademia di San Luca in Rome and at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna and was helped financially by  Pope Benedict XIV's nephew but turned his back on the traditional path of religious and history painting and sold his works to the public in cafes.

Most copies of this work are in library or museum collections, others have been taken apart and sold as individual prints.

Click here to see this item by Bartolomeo Pinelli for sale on Ebay.

Here is a wikipedia link.

A few more images by Bartolomeo Pinelli.

One of the costume engravings, Sardinian Costume.

And Women from Ciociaria near Subiaco.

Books in print:
Views in Rome
Twenty-seven etchings illustrative of Italian manners and costume
Events of the life of Massaroni,: An Italian bandit
The Revelations Of Don Quixote
Bartolomeo Pinelli: " er pittor de Trestevere : la vita e lopera
La Roma di Bartolomeo Pinelli (QuestItalia)

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