Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Zoe Mozert Photographs

According to the auctioneer these are photographs of Zoe Mozert that she could use to paint her pin-ups. Sold by Legendary Auctions. I think they may be photographs she used to create her own works.

On the right is a photo in which she is posing for one of her pin-ps according to mutoworld.

I am sort of confused because at this post is a picture of her supposedly posing for Earl Moran, and 3 more photo studies of the same model by Earl Moran. They dont look any thing like these pictures.

Here is a picture of her painting Jane Russell for "The Outlaw" More about this picture and the poster at The Pictorial Arts. You can figure out which model you think she is.

Here is another photo of her painting a model. From The Pin-up Files.
Works by Zoe Mozert at the American Art Archives.

This might settle my confusion, this is a model posed on a bed in a picture taken by Zoe Mozert. She looks like the odel in the photos at the top of the post.


True Confessions Magazine September 1939 (Zoe Mozert cover)

Hit (Oversize Girlie Magazine) (Pin-Up Girls artist Zoe Mozert feature) February 1950 (Vol. 6, No. 11)

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