Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Charles-Antoine Jombert and Charles-Nicolas Cochin

Venus, Study of Eyes

Two studies of hands

Proportions of Laocoon, proportions of the gladiator

Charles-Antoine Jombert was a bookseller who was closely associated with Charles-Nicolas Cochin from the time of his youth. Here is a link to an abstract of Charles-Antoine Jombert (1712-1784). Un libraire entre sciences et arts = Charles-Antoine Jombert (1712-1784), a bookseller for both science and the humanities by C. Bousquet-Bressolier. He published Catalog of the work of Nic Ch. Cochin. This is a link the title page.

A description of their relationship appears in French engravers and draughtsmen of the XVIIIth century By Lady Emilia Francis Strong Dilke.

Alibris has modern reprints.

I guess the images are prints of the work of Cochin that were published by Jombert. See them on Ebay

Detail of proportions of the Gladiator de Borhese

 Proportions of the Hercules Commode

Proportions of the Hercules Farnese


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