Saturday, May 5, 2012

On the left  an anatomical drawing of Apollo which is on sale on Ebay.

The sculpture, Apollo Ignudo, e con la Faretra Legata ad un Tronco, appears in 'Raccolta di Statue Antiche e Moderne', set of 162 prints bound in full leather, with explanatory text by Paolo Alessandro Maffei. The middle picture is from another post that shows more prints from the set the picture on the right is from another site Philographikon.

Marmora pompeiana nel Museo archeologico nazionale di Napoli (translation- Marmora Pompeiana in the National Archaeological Museum in Naples: the sculptural furniture of the houses of Pompeii) has an entry on a similar sculpture on page 210.

Marmora Pompeiana nel Museo archeologico nazionale di Napoli: gli arredi scultorei delle case pompeiane

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