Sunday, April 22, 2012

Traite Complet de la Peintore - Human Proportions

Proportions of the figure.

Human proportions in plates from Traite Complet de la Peintore by Jacques-Nicolas Paillot de Montabert. Jacques-Nicolas Paillot de Montabert was born in 1771 and died in 1849. He painted scenes of the rule of Napoleon I. Wikipedia article.
The Traite Complet de la Peintore (Complete treatise on painting) was composed of nine volumes and a volume of plates, Chez Bossange, (Paris) 1829. These images are from the volume of plates. You can see the complete volume at Gallica Bibliotheque Numerique.

Proportions of the figure as skeleton and muscular system.

Proportions of the head, proportions of the hand and foot.

 Proportions of the figure, proportions of a child.

"Jacques-Nicolas Paillot de Montabert ; 1771-1849"

Théorie Du Geste Dans L'Art De La Peinture: Renferment Plusieurs Préceptes Applicables À L'Art De Théâtre : Suivie Des Principes Du Beau Optique, Pour ... Dans Le Geste Pittoresque (French Edition)

L'Artistaire: Livre des Principales Initiations Aux Beaux-Arts

Emulation: Making Artists for Revolutionary France


  1. I'm so glad I found your informative blog!..This will help me a lot!

  2. Thank you, glad you find it interesting.

  3. Just a tip in drawing. Do not try and get all of the information in your drawing completed at one sitting. Drawing is a process. Layout the general idea of your drawing and then slowly add in your details.


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