Saturday, October 1, 2011

The arrival of Fall - Illustrations from La Vie Parisienne

Georges Leonnec Une feuille passa... (A leaf passes)

Voice L'hiver! La derniere nymphes enfuit avec la derniere feuille... (Winter's here! The last nymph is running off with the last leaf... - translation by Timothy, see the comments below.)

Leonnec: Illustrateur de La vie parisienne (French Edition)

La Vie Parisienne / Samedi 29 Decembre 1917 / Art Deco/Nouveau Illustrations

Georges Leonnec, Feuilles volantes, feuilles d'hiver, feuilles mortes 
(loose leaf sheets of drawings of fallen leaves)

Henri Gerbault, Les dernieres bourrasques de l'hiver, les premiers frissions du printemps
(The latest gusts of the winter, early spring chills)

Montmartre and the Making of Mass Culture La Vie Parisienne

Chéri Herouard, Une feuille bien pensante (A well-meaning leaf)

Wikipedia article on Chéri Herouard

1919 French Print Nude Woman Devil Cupid Cheri Herouard - Original Print


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  3. A small correction on the French:

    "Voici l'hiver! La dernière nymphe s'enfuit avec la dernière feuille..."

    (Winter's here! The last nymph is running off with the last leaf...)

  4. Thank you, I'm doing my best with translation tools.


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