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Anatomical Engraving - James Gabriel Huquier

James Gabriel Huquier (Jacques Gabriel Huquier) was an 18th century engraver and portrait painter.
He learned his craft from his father Gabriel Huquier. Together they operated a wallpaper and print business in Paris. He later emigrated to England. Wikipedia article about James Gabriel Huquier.

Shown is an anatomical engraving after Edmé Bouchardon's Le Petit écorché. Bouchardon was a sculptor in the 17th and 18th centuries. He also followed in his father's footsteps, this time a a sculptor. He achieved the Prix de Rome in 1722 and worked in Rome for 10 years after which he returned to Paris. Wikipedia article about Bouchardon.

Le Petit écorché, de face, de profil et de dos.

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 Gabriel Huquier, Ecorché de face, Ecorché de dos, Ecorché de profil.
Ecorché de trois-quarts dos, Bouchardon-  Ecorché, Standing écorché figure, Royal Academy of the Arts, UK.

Web Gallery of Art page on Bouchardon.

Bouchardon, Homme debout de dos, femme assise vue de profil.

Edme BOUCHARDON (Chaumont-en-Bassigny 1698 – Paris, 1762)La Fontaine de Grenelle

French Art Search Engine  results for Edmé Bouchardon Beaux-arts de Paris, l'école nationale supérieure

Ecorchés : L'Exploration du corps XIVe - XVIII siècle  Flayed Body (L'Ecorche) Giclee Poster Print by Jean-Antoine Houdon, 18x24Bodily Extremities: Preoccupations With the Human Body in Early Modern European Culture (Early Modern History)
Ecorchés : L'Exploration du corps XIVe - XVIII siècle
The author, Magali Vène, worked from some thirty books of anatomy from the beginning of the fifteenth century to the late eighteenth century.

Jean-Antoine Houdon: Sculptor of the Enlightenment Christ at the Column Giclee Poster Print by Edme Bouchardon, 18x24

Christ at the Column Giclee Poster Print by Edme Bouchardon, 18x24


Anatomical figure by Andreas Weidenhaupt: Anatomifigur. 1772, from the Guide to the Danish Golden Age. Students at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Kunstakademiet) drew from casts of antique statuary as well as this anatomical figure before they were allowed to draw from the model. 
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Theobald Steins muskelmand i Medicinsk Museions forhal (Muscle man by Theobald Steins in the Medical Museum) from

Male Muscle Figure-AS3
Male Muscle Figure-AS3

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