Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hans Thoma - figure paintings


Adam und Eva, Frülingsreiter, Zwei Jünglingen am Wasser

Hans Thoma grew up in the village of Bernau in the Black Forrest. In 1853 he went to Basel. He apprenticed first in lithography, then switched to painting.  Read More.


Bogenschützen, Genesis, Zwei Nymphen in Bad

Das Kunstlerbuch, Band N, Hans Thoma, an 1899 book by Franz Hermann Meissner about Hans Thoma is on sale on Ebay. Click here to see the book on Ebay.

His first painting teacher was a painter of clock faces. He returned to Bernau to paint landscapes and portraits. He was admitted to the Karlruhe Art Academy in 1859. He left the academy at the end of 1866 and went to Düsseldorf. There he met Otto Scholderer and went with him to Paris for several weeks in May 1868. He was influenced by Courbet and returned to Germany to paint figures and landscapes. More biography at

Hans Thoma; Leben und Werck.

Hans Thoma: Radierunger the Complete Etchings

Hans Thoma: Spiegelbilder (German Edition)

Der Philosoph mit dem Ei

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