Friday, May 22, 2009

Johann Martin Schuster - Academic Figure Drawings

Several of these original drawings were for sale at the store w on p (works on paper), a few of them are still available, please check out the store.

Johann Martin Schuster was a painter in Nuremberg, Germany. He was born in 1667. He studied under the painter Johann Radir. In 1737 he became the Director of the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts, he died in 1738. He spent time in Florence, His main work in Nuremberg the ceiling of Aegidienkirche. He also painted historical pictures. Some chalk drawings survive. These are a few of the figurative works.

A mention in Nuremberg and Its Art to the End of the 18th Century By Paul Johannes Rée (1905), George Henry explains further Schuster's contribution to the Church of St. Egidius:
"The old Gothic choir was used again in the new building, but it received a showy coating of stucco. The Barock high altar was adorned with a studio-copy of Van Dyck's "Virgin mourning over the Dead Christ" (at Berlin), to which a heavenly glory was added by one of the Preisler family. To the choir was joined a domed part, of which the dome, with painted spandrels, did not project so as to be seen outside. Lunette heads for door and window openings cut into the flat domical roof of the main part, adorned with gay stucco grotesques and a great, very mannered central picture, the work of Johann Martin Schuster and Johann Daniel Preisler."

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  1. These jpgs have been taken from my ebaylistings -with out permission by the way. Some of the original drawings by Schuster are still available on Ebay..


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