Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jan Sluijters - Figure Paintings

Notes from the International Institute of social history:
"Jan Sluijters was long one of the most popular painters in the Netherlands. Around 1905 he and Mondrian introduced new art styles from France; one of these was luminism. Sluijters was one of the strong forces behind the Modern Kunstkring (modern art society), founded in 1911."

Link to "Young woman with veil" by Jan Sluijters.

Link to "Reclining Nude" by Jan Sluijters.

Links to more paitings:

Jan Sluijters: Schilder met verve (Dutch Edition)

Jan Sluijters, 1881-1957: Aquarellen en tekeningen (Dutch Edition)

Jan Sluijters: Naakttekeningen En Composities

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  1. I am a primitive style painter. Usually in 3D pictures using many materials.


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