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Figure Painting by Gerald Leslie Brockhurst

Gerald Leslie Brockhurst studied at the Birmingham School of Art and then the Royal Academy Schools in London. He traveled to and studied in Paris and Italy and held his first major exhibition in 1919. He specialized in executing etchings during the 1920s and returned to painting in 1930 executing many portraits of well known and fashionable patrons.

Adolescence. (Kathleen Nancy Woodward). 1932. Etching.

Catalog of works at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

Biography on the Modernist Journals Project.

Another figure drawing at the Cleveland Museum.

Price Tower Arts Center presents Fair Dreams: The Art of Gerald Leslie Brockhurst.

Liverpool Museum Jeunesse Doree.

Gerald L. Brockhurst (1890-1978), A Retrospective from the William P. Brumfield Memorial Collection.

TIME Magazine story from 1939. "Artist Brockhurst's portraits have the bloom and precise brushwork of the Umbrian school of Italian painters. The figures are serene, meticulously painted against quiet-colored Tuscan landscapes of rolling hills, flowing water, umbrella pines. But posterity is in no danger of mistaking the nationality of his subjects. Brock-hurst's Americans are American, his English sitters unmistakably English. Suavest of his U. S. portraits is that of Mrs. Paul Mellon, the Vassar graduate and divorcee whom Banker Andrew's only son married in 1935."

Allison Gallery catalog of works.
Jeunesse Dorée, Ursula, Dorette (Kathleen Nancy Woodward).

The Eternal Masquerade: Prints and Paintings by Gerald Leslie Brockhurst (1890-1978) from the Jacob Burns Foundation

G.L. Brockhurst, A.R.A., R.E.; (Masters of etching)

Gerald L. Brockhurst: A retrospective of prints and drawings from the William P. Brumfield Memorial Collection

The Art of Gerald Brockhurst

Complex simplicity: Gerald Lesley Brockhurst and his graphic work

Wikipedia article.

Portrait of Marlene Dietrich.

Adolescence. (Kathleen Nancy Woodward),
Jeunesse Dorée (Kathleen Nancy Woodward).

Gerald Leslie Brockhurst on

Aglaia, Deux-Landaises, Ranunculus.

Picture of Merle Oberon being painted by Brockhurst.
Another view of Merle Oberon and Brockhurst.

Najeda 1924.

Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts - Skin Deep: GL Brockhurst & AR Middleton Todd.


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