Thursday, April 9, 2009

Famous Artists Course - Life Drawing

The Famous Artists School Course -Step by Step method of drawing the human figure is at
How to Draw the Human Figure (Famous Artists School: Step-By-Step Method)How to Draw the Human Figure (Famous Artists School: Step-By-Step Method)

An updated edition of the course is about to be published.  Go to to learn more.

You can still buy old copies at and sign up for lessons at

Old copies at

Famous Artists Course Lessons 1 - 24

Famous Artists Course 1-8

How to Draw the Human Figure: Famous Artists School, Step-by-Step Method (Famous Artists School : Step-By-Step Method)

Famous Artists Painting Course Lesson 6 Human Form

Famous Artists Painting Course (3 volume set)Famous Artists Painting Course (3 volume set)

Famous Artist Course

Famous Artists Course Lessons 1 - 24Famous Artists Course Lessons 1 - 24

This page previously listed a link to a download of some of the Famous Artist Course material which turns out to be still under copyright so that link is no longer available. But the material is still great so watch for the updated publication of the course.


  1. Dear Friend,

    Are you aware that the material you are recommending for a free download is under copyright by Famous Artists School? We are still very much in business, and in fact are about to publish a fully updated version of our Famous Artists Course. These materials are copyright protected, and we have not given permission for their use.
    We would appreciate it if you would post a correction indicating that anyone interested in our materials can visit our website at
    Please acknowledge that you have received this message.
    Thank you!
    Magdalen Livesey

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