Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to draw a Skeleton - Bilderbuch fur Kinder

This is a print from a reference book for children published around 1800, Bilderbuch fur Kinder by F. J. BERTUCH, was a popular reference book for children with lots of illustrations from science and natural history. A modern study of children's science literature by Wendy Saul and Sybille A. Jagusch, Vital Connections: Children, Science, and Books, published by Library of Congress in 1991 included reprints of illustrations from the book.

Bilderbuch fur Kinder on Ebay.

Another print, the Colossus of Rhodes, from the book.

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The Human Skeleton and Muscles - Johan Georg Heck

A few more examples from the publication, a native of Marquesas Island, natives of New Holland, natives of Australia and Sandwich Island.

See also
Anatomical Atlas - Illustrative of The Structure of The Human Body By Henry H. Smith, M.D., and The Anatomy of the External Forms of Man, Intended for the Use of Artists, Painters and Sculptors by Doctor J. Fau, and Anatomical Diagrams For the Use of Art Students James M. Dunlop A.R.C.A.

An interesting guide to sculpture showing the relationship of the muscles to the skeleton is Modeling the Figure in Clay (Practical Craft Books).

Another post: How to Draw a Skeleton.

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