Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to Draw the Human Head - Phrenology

Phrenology, that is the study of personality traits by reading the bumps on the head, is as discredited as a science as the work of Petrus Camper in a previous post. But just like Camper's work it produced some interesting drawings of the human head that transcend the uselessness of the pseudo-science. Here are a few of them from Felix Edward Guerin-Menevilles'
Dictionnaire Pittoresque Histoire Naturelle, Paris 1836-1839. The prints are hand colored.


Books about Phrenology:

Books about drawing the head:

The Artist's Complete Guide to Drawing the Head

Drawing: The Head (HT197)

Drawing the Human Head (Practical Art Books)

Facial Geometry: Graphic Facial Analysis for Forensic Artists

Figures and Faces: 2 (A Studio book)

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