Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jan de Bisschop Figure Engravings

Jan de Bisschop was a lawyer by training he practiced in the Hague in the mid 1600s and later started a drawing academy there.

He made numerous drawings of classical antiquities and eventually published two books to preserve the knowledge of the antique for a younger generation. The books were Paradigmata graphices variorum artificum Voor-beelden der teken-konst van verscheyde Meesters and Signorum Veterum Icones.

The prints pictured are from one or the other of the books and are for sale on

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Here is a link to another engraving: Jan de Bisschop - called "Episcopius"
Dutch, 1628-1671 - Antique Figures after Baccio Bandinelli, Plate 32 of the Paradigmata Graphices, 1671 at
Humrich Fine Art.

A Getty Museum Biography: Artists Jan de Bisschop.

Three links:

Jan de Bisschop and his Icones & Paradigmata: Classical antiquities and Italian drawings for artistic instruction in seventeenth century Holland

Jan de Bisschop

Episcopius: Jan de Bisschop (1628-1671) : advocaat en tekenaar = lawyer and draughtsman

Other copies are available at Enter the search term "Paradigmata Graphices," or "Jan de Bisschop."

A Dutch bookseller has another copy: Deliver as Promised.

These engravings by Jan de Bisschop of Aphrodite are for sale at the store ThePrintsCollector Antique Prints, please check out the store.

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