Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Art of Figure Drawing By Thomas Herbert Maguire

This engraving is from The Art of Figure Drawing by Thomas Herbert Maguire, published in 1869 by Winsor & Newton.

It was a well known and authoritative book of the time cited often in the literature including; A Supplement to Allibone's Critical Dictionary of English Literature, Catalogue of Books Added to the Library of Congress, Supplement to the Universal Catalogue of Books on Art: Compiled for the use of the National Art Library and the Schools of Art in the United Kingdom.

It contained 30 lithographic plates, some tinted.  I don't know, but from appearances it could have been influenced by Chapman's American Drawing Book (see the post below How Harry Cook Learned to Draw).

I found one reference to Mr. Maguire which listed him as a  historical and portrait painter, and also as a designer of music title drawing, which would explain his evident skill at engraved illustration.  Examples of his portraits can be seen at the National Portrait Gallery Website.

A short article is available at Wikipedia.

Some more examples of how to draw facial features are at these links: eyes, nose, mouth, ears.

Two more posts showing the work of Thomas Maguire:

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