Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eighteenth Century Drawings from the Collection of Marius Paulme

I came across 3 volumes of an auction catalog. Dessins Anciens, Gouaches & Pastels principalement de L'Ecole Francaise du XVIII Siecle. Composant la Collection de M. Marius Paulme. Gallerie Georges Petit. Mai, 1929.

(Old drawings, Gouaches & Pastels primarily Eighteenth Century French School. The Collection of Mr. Marius Paulme. Gallerie Georges Petit. May, 1929.)

Two volumes  are the drawings, the third is sculptures from the same collection.

The drawings are rarely seen. Many seem as fresh as the day they were drawn.

The first is by Louis-Léopold Boilly
The next is by the Rococo artist François Boucher who was probably the most celebrated artist of his time. This drawing shows his drawing skills more than his rococo taste.

The drawing may be a study for his painting, "Portrait de Madame de Pompadour."

The third is by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, another rococo painter, but I selected this drawing on the strength of his observation rather than his rococo sensibility.

The last is by Hyacinthe Rigaud, not currently as famous as the others but this detail drawing "Studies for a portrait of a man" shows an artist in command of his line with keen observational skills.

You can search for books about these artists and the original auction catalog at AbeBooks. To search for the auction catalog enter "Collection Marius Paulme" in the search box.



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