Sunday, August 18, 2013

Clement Donshea

Clement Donshea was an American artist and illustrator. He illustrated many advertisements in the mid-twentieth century. He art at Roeliff Jansen and Hudson Schools in Columbia County, New York. He studied at Pratt Institute, the Art and Students League of New York City, and at Beaux Arts, Paris.

The drawings shown here are for sale on Ebay they were done around 1911.

Lifestyle Illustration of the 1950's

Creative Illustration


  1. The drawings featured by Donshea are from my collection and are for sale although most here are sold. I have about 200 more from the same portfolio. If anyone is interested in purchasing any, email me at and put "Donshea" in the field. I have pics of all of them available, but hurry bc i sell at least 1 every single day. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks, Kevin. I hope everyone checks out your other drawings, they are great.


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