Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nicholas Haz Painter and Photographer

Left, Susan Freeman - A Study of the Human Figure Portraying Youth and Beauty by Nicholas Haz, on the right the cover of the magazine it was found in. 

This photograph by Nicholas Haz is from Original Artists and Models, which I found on Ebay. It describes him as  born in Budapest, achieved a reputation as a painter in Munich and later moved to New York where he took up photography, specializing in dancers and actors on Broadway.

This is a link to a more extensive biography at  Broadway Photographs.

He evidently published a book, or prints of dancer in the Grecian manner. 
Grecian Step - the figure on the right looks like Desha Delteil

The Silver Band - A Study from the Greek of Nelly Savage

Lon Cheney and Dancers from Vintage Photography

He published a book titled Image Management, composition for photographers. It's available on Amazon. 

Image Arrangement,: From the Notes of Nicholas Haz, F.P.S.A., F.R.P.S.

1924 Print Silver Band Portrait Nicholas Haz Nelly Savage Hassan Fashion Dance - Original Halftone Print

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