Monday, June 4, 2012

Charles Amand-Durand - Heliogravures

Charles Amand-Durand (1831-1905) A French reproductive artist made beautiful facsimile etchings of noted etchers through the photogravure process he called heliogravure. Amand-Durand would transfer an image photographically to a copper plate a (photogravure) he would examine an original print of the same subject from a prominent collection, and enhance his photogravure to match the original he had at hand. Each etching was inked, wiped and printed by hand to reproduce the original. These heliogravures were and are so good that there are many framed images that have been passed off as originals and the owners believe that they are. Many can only be distinguished by print connoisseurs. Each Amand-Durand heliogravure has an Amand-Durand stamp on the verso, sometimes these were removed by unscrupulous dealers and print sellers and sold as originals.
The Portfolio 1894 - 1898. The Etchings of Rembrandt. Dutch Etchers of the Seventeenth Century. Gerard David, Painter and Illuminator. The Engravings of Albrecht Durer. The Paintings and Drawings of Albrecht Durer. Peter Paul Rubens.

 Le livre de bijouterie de René Boyvin, d'Angers, reproduit en fac-simile par M. Amand-Durand. Notice par Georges Duplessis (French Edition)

Oeuvre de Martin Schongauer Reproduit et Publie par Amand-Durand

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