Thursday, March 8, 2012

Der männliche Körper - Hans Crämer; Franz Kotzian

Male Anatomy

Chromolithographs from Der Männliche Körper by  Hans Crämer; Franz Kotzian. WorldCat entry. Copy for sale at

Published in 1927 The Human Body in anatomical tables and folding models. 26 Chromolithographic plates.Cover illustration. Esslingen and Munich, Schreiber O.J.

The book is for sale on Ebay.

Female Anatomy

Female Anatomy


  1. Just wondering if anyone here has information on the Illustrator mentioned "Franz Kotzian". I'm trying to find more information on him because I have an uncle (in law) named Ernst Kotzian and I have traced him back to Munich. His father is a Franz Kotzian. Ernst is also an artist, and I wonder if this Franz Kotzian may be his father. The publication dates of the work I'm finding on the west fit nicely with where Franz should be, and well, like father like Son I suppose. Ernst Kotzian was a Stained Glass Artist.

  2. Interesting, I hope someone has more information for you.


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