Sunday, March 13, 2011

Proportions of the body examples of Hercules and Venus de Medici

This print about the relative proportions of the human body is from the Imperial Encyclopaedia or Dictionary of the Sciences and Arts Published by J. Robbins and Co., Paternoster-Row, London.

The print from the book is for sale on Ebay Click here to see them for sale on Ebay.

Hercules engraving from Raccolta di Statue Antiche e Moderne, Venus de Medici from a book published by J. Hagger.

From Scelta de piĆ¹ bei Monumenti della Scultura Antica, also for sale on Ebay, Venus is in the upper left.

An 1870 Lithograph which includes Hercules, also for sale on Ebay. The images include: Statue of the Throned Jupiter; Head of Jupiter of Otricoli; Ino-Leukothea with the Dionysos Child; Pallas of Vellatri; Diana of Versailles; Hercules Farnese; Head of Esculapius, from Melos; Horse-Tamer at Monte Cavallo; Eros and Psyche; Statue of Apoxyomenos; Statue of the Sleeping Ariadne; Centaur Borghese; The Grinder; Statue of the Resting Hermes; and Barberini Faun.

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