Friday, February 11, 2011

Arno Breker - female drawings

Arno Breker was best known for his athletic almost mannerist sculptures executed in Germany leading up to and during the World War II for many government commissions. He even traveled with Hitler to Paris after France was occupied. What I didn't know about him was that he was a more complex figure and used his influence with the government to win release of French sculptors, casters and stone masons from prison camps in order to work in his own studio. He participated in Operation White Dove to prevent Picasso from being arrested and sent to a concentration camp. In 1948 he was denazified in a court proceeding. After 1946 he had no room to work on sculpture in his studio in Bavaria and he concentrated on drawing and watercolors mostly of the female figure of which these are likely examples. Information from Examples of the sculptures at Peter Crawford's blog.


  1. I don't mean to be rude but I have to say that your blog is incredibly messy, making it really quite unpleasant to use. You seem to have to have a lot of great content, things I haven't seen elsewhere, but it's ruined by the God awful set-up. I can't imagine I'm alone in this thought.

    I stumbled across your blog many months ago and I actually thought it was some sort of spambot blog because of how insane it looks. I grabbed a few pictures and then I moved on. Stumbling across it again today, and holding a particular concern for drawing proportions, I looked around further and then after a while I saw people commenting on one post and only then did it hit me that this might not be a spambot blog. I'm still not quite certain though...

    If there is a real person out there writing this blog, and your main concern isn't just to mindlessly pick up advertising dollars, then I would like to suggest that you give a little more thought to the current appearance. What's with the crazy way you insert pictures into posts, for one, where they mess up the writing and put it all over the place? Then there's the 300 - 400 labels you've got at the bottom of every page and the misplaced blog links. It's insanity, all of it!

  2. Thanks, and what have you done lately?

  3. I read this blog regularly and it isn't " messed up" at all, Charlie. Maybe your browser isn't displaying it correctly? Take a look at some other Google Blogger blogs and see if they are also messed up or try looking up Figure drawing on another computer...


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