Sunday, September 26, 2010

Drawings inspired by Louise Brooks

New posters for Pandoras' Box

Amy Crehore's version of the famous pose.

Art by Crepax, from "Valentina"
Another link Valentina

Ivan Brunetti creates a dark biography of her life.

Blog post titled "Molly, Love em and Leave em" from the Louise Brooks
Society. Blog posts from the Louise Brooks Society.

Kali Fontecchio - Louise Brooks vs. Today's Girl
Joakim Gunnarsson

Lulu The Actors: Rare Films Of Louise Brooks Vol.2Louise Brooks: A Biography The Diary of a Lost Girl

Louise Brooks: Lulu Forever Louise Brooks - Looking for Lulu Louise Brooks: Portrait of an Anti-Star

The Actors: Rare Films Of Louise Brooks Vol.1Diary of a Lost Girl Pandora's Box - Criterion Collection

Pandora's Box Pandora's Box [PAL Import] Prix de Beaute

Diary of a Lost Girl

Noel's Adventures through History

Robert Ullman

Grozdana Tilotta

More links:
Chris McDonald - McD Sketching


Lenci Portraits: Louise Brooks

flickr - teabutterfly


Not Louise Brooks but related:


From a notice about a screening of Pandora's Box at

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