Monday, February 8, 2010


 Learning the basics of perspective drawing is useful for anyone learning to draw figures and there are a few e-books on the website which teach the rules of perspective drawing.

Sometimes bending the rules creates interesting and great art. One artist who does that and seems to bend reality itself in his work is Friedhard Kiekeben.

He came to my attention because he purchased the e-book: An Introduction to Perspective Drawing and Painting.

Check out his web site, he has an interesting view on perspective and its constraints. and he has another very valuable site on which he shares his experiments and experience in non toxic printmaking

The Contemporary Printmaker: Intaglio-Type & Acrylic Resist Etching
 Friedhard Kiekeben contributed to this book on printmaking: The Contemporary Printmaker: Intaglio-Type and Acrylic Resist Etching

Traite de PerspectiveTraite de Perspective is another old book on perspective drawing by Edme Sebastien Jeaurat (1725-1803). He was a French architect and Royal engineer-geographer. His course on perspective was the standard text book in France in the 18th century.

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